• Providing alpine ski racing youth with an environment of education, communication and teamwork, which empowers each athlete to reach their athletic, personal and academic potential.
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    “What started out as a grass roots organization has grown into one of the leading alpine ski racer development programs in the country.”

    Originally founded in 1972, the Park City Ski Team (PCST) offers a comprehensive year-round alpine ski-racing program aimed at developing young athletes, ranging in age from 10–20, in physical and mental conditioning, education, sports nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while pursuing athletic excellence.

    What started out as a grass roots organization has grown into one of the leading alpine ski racer development programs in the country with a professionally managed program and a long history of success. Through the years the PCST has benefited from the involvement and contributions of a virtual Who’s Who of Park City skiing legends, including Jim Gaddis, Stein Eriksen, Jan Petersen, Nick Badami, Craig Badami, Karen Korfanta, Richard Marriott, and Ted Ligety, to name but a few.

    In 1994 the Eagle Race Arena at Park City was created and dedicated to Alpine ski training and racing: a proven World Cup and Winter Olympic Event venue that provides our athletes with an unmatched real world training environment throughout the entire ski season. In addition to playing host to several races each season on this, our home hill, PCST athletes are able to train under the same conditions and often alongside members of the U.S. Ski Team.

    In 1996, the Park City Ski Team’s Foundation established the Winter Sports School, a fully accredited private high school specifically tailored to the unique needs of winter athletes, in session from April through November.

    The PCST, now independent from the school, works seamlessly with all area public and private schools, establishing academic standards which must be maintained in order to take advantage of flexible school schedules necessary for our athletes to pursue ski racing throughout the western region and beyond. In addition to academics, athletes are also expected to participate in community outreach programs throughout the year.

    While excellence is our pursuit we encourage a “work hard-have fun” philosophy. In fact, from our base at the Park City Mountain Resort athletes can ski the powder on Jupiter peak in the morning and train gates in the afternoon!

    If the measure of any Program’s success can be found in it’s alumni, then we feel especially proud of the diverse nature of ours. Even as the PCST is continually evolving and changing its core values remain the same; unique in its blending of independence and community, athletics and academics, respect for others as well as one’s self.

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