• Providing alpine ski racing youth with an environment of education, communication and teamwork, which empowers each athlete to reach their athletic, personal and academic potential.
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    Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include:

    The Park City Ski Team is proud of the diverse and talented group we have on our Board of Trustees.
    Our Team and Foundation enjoys a rich heritage of support, expertise and commitment to the sport, our organization and the Park City community at large.
    If you have a question or comment that you wish to direct to a member of the Executive or Committee Chairs individually please click on their respective email addresses to the left.

    • Overseeing long range planning
    • Monitoring fiscal management and ensuring accountability
    • Reviewing and approving annual budgets, major program plans, and organizational policies
    • Ensuring adequate resources are available to the organization
    • Evaluating organizational effectiveness
    • Representing the public and member’s needs and interest within the organization
    • Representing the organization to the public
    • Promoting the organization’s purpose and programs in the Park City community


    Brent Nixon, President, bnixon@parkcityskiteam.org

    Brodie Pollard, Vice-President

    Jon-Eric Greene, Vice President

    Gavin Dalton, Treasurer

    Craig Hoggan, Secretary


    Jim Clifford

    Vernon J. Cooley, MD Honorary

    Jerry Howells, Jr.

    Bob Marsh

    Jamie Preston

    Adam Strachan

    Chris Conabee

    Adam Cole

    Kristi Cumming

    The Park City Ski Team thanks the following sponsors for their support: