• Providing alpine ski racing youth with an environment of education, communication and teamwork, which empowers each athlete to reach their athletic, personal and academic potential.

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    Jesse Hunt, jesse.hunt@parkcityskiteam.org
    Program Director and General Manager

    Jesse Hunt has dedicated his life to alpine ski racing.

    He joined the Park City Ski Team Program in June, 2009 after 16 years with the United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA), most recently as the US Ski Team Alpine Director.

    During this time Jesse was part of what is arguably the most successful stretch of alpine results in US Ski Team history which includes 4 overall World Cup titles, 12 Olympic medals and 18 World Championship medals.

    A professional staff of coaches support Jesse, including many with national team competition experience. All PCST coaches have USSA Coaches’ Association certifications and continuously update their education with clinics and certification classes.

    Gail Barber, gbarber@parkcityskiteam.org
    Program Coordinator

    A/B TEAM – U21-U18

    Jason Hey Women FIS Head Coach, jayhey7@gmail.com

    Will McDonald Women’s FIS Assist. Coach

    John Buchar, jbuchar@parkcityskiteam.org
    Head Men’s Coach: A/B TEAM – U21-U18

    Graham Flinn Men’s Assist Coach/Conditioning Coach

    Grant Jamieson, Assist Coach

    Cameron Chin U16 Men’s Coach/Head Conditioning Coach: cameronchin1@gmail.com

    Tina Nardi U16 Womens Coach: tina.nardi@gmail.com

    Colleen Jamieson U16 Assist Coach

    Jesse Hunt U16 part-time/technical advisor

    Ben Sinclair Head Age Class/U14 Head Coach, bennysinclair@gmail.com 

    Freddy Grossniklaus U14 Assist Coach

    Jamie Dupratt, U14 Assist Coach

    Morgan Jubok, U14 Assist Coach

    Heather Whitley, PT U14 Assist Coach

    Jason Lance,Head U12 Coach,  jasonpricelance@gmail.com

    Sam Sweetser U12 Assist Coach

    Jackie Reis U12 Assist Coach

    Julia Wong, U12 Assist Coach

    Duane (Dar) Hendrickson, dar@parkcityskiteam.org
    Head Coach: DEVO TEAM

    Jessie Delescenserie,  Assist Devo Coach

    PJ Spaulding, Assist Devo Coach

    Brendan Wall, Assist Devo Coach

    John Minahan, PT Assist Devo Coach

    Andy Van Osdol, avanosdol@parkcityskiteam.org
    Head Coach: WARRIOR TEAM

    Dave Magnone, Assistant Warrior Coach

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