• Providing alpine ski racing youth with an environment of education, communication and teamwork, which empowers each athlete to reach their athletic, personal and academic potential.
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    PCST Mission Statement

    PCST Program Detail

    PCST Program Structure

    PCST Core Values

    All Park City Ski Team members must obey the rules of any ski area that we travel to, all Park City Mountain rules, School rules, PCST travel rules and other PCST rules. All rules or based on the premise of common sense.

    Each member must realize that they represent not only themselves but also the PCST, Park City Mountain, the community of Park City and the sport of alpine racing. The actions of individual athletes can enhance or severely compromise the image of the PCST.

    General PCST Rules:

    1. Show respect and support to teammates, staff and each other’s property.
    2. Be on time for scheduled training and meetings.
    3. Keep your frustrations and temper in check. Outbursts of profane language will not be tolerated.
    4. Observe all safety instructions on the hill and when traveling.


    PCST Policy Documents and Consent Forms:

    PCST Athlete Responsibilities
    PCST Drug and Alcohol Policy
    PCST Education Policy


    Head Injury Forms:

    PCST Rules Violation  & Disciplinary Policies
    PCST Travel Policy

    PCST Equipment Policy and Procedure

    HPC Liability Release

    Parent Handbook

    Additional PCST Enrollment material:
    PCST Talent release
    PCST Work Deposit Policy, Tracking Sheet
    PCST Scholarship and Grant Information



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