• Providing alpine ski racing youth with an environment of education, communication and teamwork, which empowers each athlete to reach their athletic, personal and academic potential.
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    The Park City Ski Team offers many ski team groups, based primarily on age. As one progresses through the groups, the actual competition schedule for individual athletes varies based on what events they qualify to. Included in the program are:

    • The athlete equipment program
    • Educational presentations – tuning, sports psychology, nutrition, technique, etc.
    • Coach / Parent / Athlete meetings
    • Administrative support
    • Facility Vehicles and training equipment

    All of the off season camps are priced to include coaches expenses and salaries as well as per athlete cost. No PCST operating funds are used to support camps.

    Competition trips are priced to include coaches’ expenses, but not salaries, as well as per athlete costs (entries, lifts, housing, etc.). Transportation fees are charged to cover gas and a mileage fee covering maintenance, tires, etc.



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